Wuhan Social Work Polytechnic (WSP) - Tourism Management (Specialisation in Events Management)

Articulating students from the WSP Tourism Management (Specialisation in Events Management) into the ICMS Bachelor of International Tourism would need to undertake the following subjects:

ICMS Subjects
Subject Code Subject Name Credit Points Subject Status
ACC100 Accounting Fundamentals 3 Exempt
ECO100 Business Economics 3 Exempt
HRM100 Introduction to Human Resources 3 Exempt
MGT101 Managing People & Organisations 3 Exempt
MKT100 Principles of Marketing 3 Exempt
STA101 Business Statistics 3 Exempt
TOU100 Attractions & Resort Operations 3 Exempt
HOS112 Intro to Hos & Tor Management 3 Exempt
TOU110 Destination Sales & Marketing 3 Exempt
HRM220 Career Planning and Strategy 3 Exempt
MGT202 Service Management & Innovation 3 Exempt
MGT230 Facilities Management 3 Exempt
TOU200 Destination Management Issues 3 Exempt
TOU210 Tourism Governance & Policy 3 Exempt
TOU240 Tourism Technology & Service Innovation 3 Exempt
RET230 E-Commerce & Social Media 3 Exempt
  General elective 200 3 Exempt
  General elective 200 3 Exempt
IND201 Industry Training 1 12 Exempt
IND202 Industry Training 2 12 Required
MGT203 Applied Leadership 1 Exempt
MGT300 Strategic Management 3 Required
RES300 Research Methods 3 Required
RES310 Research Project 3 Required
HOS303 Global Trends in Hos & Tor 3 Required
TOU320 Environmental Planning & Sustainability 3 Required
HOS330 Global Wine Tourism 3 Required
  General elective 300 3 Required
  General elective 300 3 Required



Articulation* agreements at ICMS provide a formal agreement between an external partner institution and ICMS. Students who wish to ‘articulate’ to a course at ICMS from a designated program at a recognised partner institution, can receive credit for identified subjects or a group of subjects when commencing a designated ICMS program.


Enquire through your current institution about articulating to an ICMS program.

Step 2 APPLY

Apply for your ICMS program and submit your academic transcripts and relevant documents as required. ONLINE APPLICATION


ICMS will assess your application according to the criteria set out in the Articulation Agreement.  


Students are advised of the outcome of their application within 10 working days. 

DEF: *Articulation is a process that enables students to progress from a current or completed higher education qualification into an ICMS program according to the relevant articulation agreement.

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