Tuition Fees


Studying a degree is a big commitment in many ways, not least financially. You will need to consider tuition fees, living costs and other expenses such as transport, textbooks, food and accommodation.

The main expense will be tuition fees. Students studying a Bachelor course pay tuition fees on a trimester basis. Tuition fees are not payable during industry training trimesters unless part-time study has been arranged and students may be paid during industry training trimesters. You must complete all prerequisite subjects before starting your industry training. Similarly, postgraduate students pay tuition fees by study period and are not payable during your industry training project, unless part-time study has been arranged.

Use our Fee Calculator to find the fees that apply to you.

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FEE-HELP Resources

For Australian citizens and permanent humanitarian visa holders, FEE-HELP is available from the Australian government to help support the cost of your tuition. For further information visit You can also download the FEE HELP booklet and a full list of tuition and residential fees below.

High Academic Places

At ICMS we offer a small number of High Academic Places (HAPSs) each February to domestic students who have demonstrated strong academic ability and performed well in their Application Interview. 

  • HAP students receive a tuition fee subsidy for the duration of their course. The subsidy varies each intake depending on the number and quality of applicants. As a guide, in the February 2019 intake HAP students received an estimate of 43% per-subject tuition fee subsidy.
  • HAP are only available to domestic students who apply through Universities Admissions Centre (UAC).
  • The number of HAPs offered each February intake varies depending on the number and quality of applicants.
  • Students are still eligible to receive FEE-HELP for the remaining tuition. See above.

For more information please contact our Student Advisors on 1800 110 490.


Income Support from Centrelink

Domestic students may be eligible for student income support through Centrelink. Student income support is paid fortnightly to students on a proven low income, who have been assessed as eligible by Centrelink.


If you believe you may be eligible, please visit Centrelink for further details.